Stuff.  It's all around us, in our homes, offices, cars, storage units.

But "stuff" is not just physical.  We're all carrying around old emotional and mental stuff too.  And it weighs us down.  Keeps us anchored to the past.  Saps our energy.  Chains us to "who we used to be" rather than having us fly free.

When our space is clear around us, we are able to think more clearly, hear our inner callings, and see the pathway in front of us. 

A funny thing happens when we start de-cluttering our living spaces:  Often old emotional energy and mental burdens start clearing as well.  We are physical-mental-emotional-spiritual beings, and all of these systems interact with each other.

Want a fast short-cut to creating something new in your life? Clear out the old!  Clean out your closet, throw away things that don't resonate with you anymore.  Get rid of anything that doesn't reflect who you are today, and who you want to create yourself to be.  Run, don't walk, to the dumpster with anything in your space that reminds you of a time you felt disempowered, unloved, un-cared for, disrespected, sad, lonely or lost!

If you'd like help and support while clearing out your space, contact me.  I see de-cluttering as a natural extension of life coaching, and am happy to help when I can, because it launches people in new directions.  (Currently, I'm in the Carrboro and Chapel Hill area of North Carolina, and am available to travel reasonable distances.)  Rates are $30/hour.


If you want to B R E A T H E again, start your clutter-clearing and organizing right now.  Even doing one drawer or one section of your closet can be a great start!

Here's a little something to help motivate
you to clear the stuff out!