Embrace your new life

"Conscious Change"
is when you make decisions to change your own life
in a conscious way (that is, deliberately and with intention),
choosing the highest expression of your Self
and giving your gifts to the world.

This is in contrast to unconscious change,
where anything can (and does) happen,
because you're not choosing and directing the changes.

There's a sure-fire way to get the answers to all the questions you have about your life.  It's not a psychic, it's not your therapist, and no, it's not me.  It's that small voice inside you, those gut feelings that tell you which way to go.  THAT's where all your answers are, and I'll help you locate and tune into that voice.
If you have ideas of big -- even radical -- change, it's because new things are on the horizon for you personally, and for humanity as a whole.  The human paradigm is shifting, and there are new ways to approach nearly every facet of our lives.  Let's face it -- the way humans have conducted themselves the last few thousand years has gotten us into a mess.  Together, we can get out of the mess and change the way things are done.  There are people all over the globe -- and in your own town -- who are right now putting solutions and new ideas into motion.  Wouldn't you like to be part of the solutions and the forward momentum?

Wouldn't you like to be living a life that has more meaning, purpose, joy and connection?  

There is Something Bigger than you that you can tap into, a Something that will guide you if you let it.  Some call this their Higher Self, the Universe, God, angels, their soul, their Inner Guidance, their intuition... The word you use for it is not important. Getting in touch with this Something Bigger -- and allowing it to guide your path -- is the key to creating a life of meaning, fulfillment, peacefulness and joy.

Whatever you have been doing for the past 10, 20, 50 years may have nothing to do with who you are NOW.
In order to feel useful, peaceful, centered and joyful, it’s imperative that you make your decisions
while being guided by your Something Bigger.  This usually comes in the form of a quiet internal nudge,
or a gut feeling, or synchronous events occurring around you. 
When you tap into the power and guidance that is in place to uniquely guide YOUR life,
you'll find that you have an internal compass that helps you make any and all decisions.  

Our task together will be to find you a quiet spot in the storm,
turn down the volume of the "outside voices,"
listen with more clarity and certainty to the Inside Voice,
and to focus you on your next steps.

 All of your answers are inside you.  I'll help you to hone in on them and come to a place of stability and clarity.

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