Reinvent Yourself

"There came a time when the risk

to remain tight in the bud was more painful

than the risk it took to blossom." 

~ Anais Nin

Coaching by Anika Devereux   
I am a Conscious Change Coach (certified life coach since 2005), and my role is to offer you support and guidance as you go through big changes... as you explore and express your unique gifts, abilities and passions... helping you to create a life that is fulfilling and joyful. 
Do you feel you need to make changes in your work, your relationships, where you live, how you spend your free time?

you feel it's time to step out into the world in a whole new way from what you’ve been doing, and it  seems a little scary and uncertain.    I understand change.  I see the bigger picture of what's going on in our world.  I can help you clarify on what to do now, helping you find your own inner compass that will guide each of your steps.
After even one session with me, you will feel clearer, more certain, supported, and connected.  You will learn to recognize and trust your own inner compass -- that's where your answers are!
The time is now. The world needs your gifts. 
Only YOU can express who you came here to be! 

A coaching session typically lasts 50-60 minutes.  This is done on the phone, Skype video call, or in person in Chapel Hill and Carrboro, North Carolina. 
Email coaching is also an option.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Cost: Sliding scale:  $50-$90 per session.
Money is a fluid and funny thing.  Sometimes there's more in that flow, sometimes there's less.  Everyone experiences that.  If you are lucky enough to have more in that flow, please pay at the top of the scale.  Maybe even consider paying over, as a means of paying-it-forward for someone else to receive coaching at the lower rate.
And if you have smaller amounts in your money flow right now, there's no shame or judgment in that.  Please feel comfortable paying in the lower amounts.

I'm offering this because I see many people going through intense change,
often accompanied by confusion and uncertainty.  I want to
support anyone who is committed to creating a vibrant, happy life.
If I help you, then you can do your part to help us all.  It's win/win
all around!  If you sincerely desire my coaching, let's work something out.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Here are the steps to take to set up a coaching session:

1) Contact me at  Send me a few paragraphs about the ways in which you feel your life is shifting, where your life seems to be falling apart, and what the changes are that you would like to make.  Give me 3 possible times that you could do a 50-minute coaching session.

2) I will email you back (usually within 24 hours) to set up a coaching session date and time.  I'll give you more information on what we'll be doing on the call.

3) That's it!  We'll meet at the agreed-upon time and take it from there.

4) After the session, please send your payment using this PayPal link 

5) If desired, follow-up phone or email coaching sessions can be scheduled after the initial session.

Coaching with me is not a lengthy or long, drawn out process.
I will help you recognize the Something Bigger that is guiding you
and help you build trust in your own inner compass.
You will shift into clarity about the changes to make in your life.

I will support you as you move into your vision... and then
you are plugged in and expressing the new, expanded version of You!

Ready to get your life on track?  Send me an email:

Coaching is done on the phone, in person,
on Skype, via e-mail, or in a combination of all four.
We can decide together what works best for you.

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